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             泰科電子(Tyco電子)現更名為TE Connectivity 有限公司,是全球優越的電子組件,多年來,我司和美國Tyco電子(泰科電子)建立了良好的合作關系,Tyco電子(泰科電子)系列產品,覆蓋汽車、工業電器、工程機械、航天航空和防御、通信、電腦及消費類電子等各個工業,Tyco電子(泰科電子)產品行銷全球150個國家,2010財年Tyco電子(泰科電子)中國區銷售總額達19億美元,為您快速提供上等產品。
          新能源行業產品線: 歷經多年的經驗積累,我們的高壓直流接觸器、繼電器在新能源行業直流高壓控制電氣方面提出新概念,有設計方案保證的本行業成本*低的密封直流接觸器、繼電器,帶電能力1-2000+A,較高可靠切斷直流電壓DC1800V;
          工業電子產品線TE/corcom電源濾波器,TE/P&B繼電器、Tyco斷路器,Tyco電子變壓器, Tyco  EV500/EV250/EV200/EV100/LEV200/LEV100
      企業多年來憑著超前的理念,先進的管理模式,精誠的服務,本著誠實做人,踏實做事的原則,與國內外朋友精誠合作,鼎新革故, 研精致思”,鼎研將始終以客戶為中心,開拓,追求**!

       TE Connectivity Co. Ltd., is the world's leading electronic component, over the years, We company  establish a good relationship of cooperation with Tyco electronic, Tyco series products: automotive, industrial equipment, construction machinery, aerospace and defense, communication, computer and consumer electronics and other industries, TE global product marketing 150 countries, fiscal year 2010 Tyco (Tyco) China sales amounted to $1900000000, for you to quickly provide high-quality products.Products are the United States UL, Canada CSA, Germany VDE\/TUV, Sweden SEV, Switzerland SEMKO, China CQC\/CCC certification 
      DIKKEN Industrial Co. Ltd.  is divided  shanghaityco Electrical Systems Division , is a scientific research, production, integrated enterprise.
      Ever since 1999 the year in which shanghaityco  was set up as a joint venture with half of the investment coming from US Tyco Electronics, shanghaityco has been specializing in developing and manufacturing 10 versions of products for Tyco Electronics. At present, it owns 20 production lines with a capacity of 12 million pcs of part.
      DIKKEN is specialized in the world-known brand products, such as CORCOM Power filter, P&B Non-PCB relay, P&B circuit breaker, Kilovac high-voltage contactor, PU transformer, PU special purpose contactor, ALR photo-controls, CIID coils, and so on. Product items released to DIKKEN  from Tyco Electronics are the ones that are patent crowned, known for their top brands, and comply with the major int’l qualification tests.
      DIKKEN is equipped with an up-to date comprehensive test lab, which can be used to check various parameters for our parts of relays, contractors, transformers and photo-controls.

      Our competitive strength is all the more reinforced by our two specialized EMI/EMC Labs well equipped with superior testing devices from the international market. This helps DIKKEN and its customers to solve the tough task for EMC test, and provides us chances to capture relevant business.

      We are a cost-competitive producer. Our experienced design /engineering team, formed by 25 senior engineers, is striving to meet customers’ expectations both in products and service.

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